Announcing “Superior Hero Tales”


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SHTA is excited to share a new series of stories we’re calling Superior Hero Tales.

We want to honor the many hikers, runners, volunteers, members, donors and others who personify the generosity, good will, commitment, good humor, hard work and passion that sustains the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it.

If you have someone to suggest for a Superior Hero Tale, let us know by using this form. 

Our first Superior Hero Tale features Steve Sande, a builder and logger by profession who lives near the Trail east of Grand Marais.

Steve Sande at Crow Creek Bridge Build in 2018

Without Steve’s and his wife Nancy’s good graces allowing access through their property, it would be difficult, maybe impossible, to build the two new bridges under construction on the SHT in that area. Steve does it all: packs an access trail in winter with his snowmobile for easy hiking. Allows us to store lumber and tools and other stuff at their place. Allows the passage of all kinds of strangers (SHT volunteers). Occasionally joins the fray of heaving 1,000-pound bridge beams across the forest. And always insists he’s “not doing much.”

But it’s that he does all these things, consistently and with good cheer and enthusiasm, that makes Steve a true hero for the SHT.

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